Deep insight achieved through combining cutting-edge research and innovation techniques, filmmaking and behavioural science.

Innovative thinking and fresh perspectives are essential to gain and maintain competitive advantage, whilst having the consumer need and context in play, at the heart of brand thinking and product development. We produce illuminating, high impact, totally bespoke, documentary-style films about real people in real worlds. Think of a deepdeep like you’d think of any story where you typically have an antagonist and a protagonist. We are simultaneously antagonistic in highlighting the swell of discontent or threats to your company then protagonistic to help draw insights, creating new paths for innovation. These films are intended to be cascaded internally through your organisation, enabling a shared understanding and excitement, to bring about proactive and positive change.



Listed below are 9 possible applications of a deepdeep (whilst also being a sequential innovation journey).
If you are working on one or more of these areas, then a deepdeep could bring big benefits.
Click on the arrows to understand how a deepdeep helps you dive deeper.

1. Segmentation and
U&A studies

2. Immersions
3. Trends and
generational shifts
4. Competitive environment
and ecosystem
5. Expert and
creative stimulus
6. The role of
systematic innovation
7. Insights and
the strategic piece
8. Concept development, prototyping
and business cases

9. Testing


A deeppeep is a short documentary providing a deep dive into an area you badly need insight in, and quickly. This could be a consumer segment, market, culture or the test bed for a new product, brand or campaign. This pint-sized film is often a great jump off point for new clients looking to ‘test the water’ prior to a deepdeep.

We are unable to share a deeppeep
produced exclusively for any single client, due to confidentiality. We are however able to share these deeppeeps which we have produced independently, to help bring the concept to life.

Being a Millennial Mum
What is Super Premium
Talking About Porshe


Our core team is a blend of innovators, film makers and behavioural scientists. Click on the arrows to get to know us better and understand what each of us brings to the table.

vijit singh | InnOVATor




deepdeep is a concept co-created by I Wish, the innovation agency and Thought TV, the film company, to nail that sweet spot between insights and innovation with the nuance and viscera of film, helping our clients connect the dots, which is absolutely critical to creating successful innovations.
Our core team is a blend of innovators, film makers and behavioural scientists. Click on the arrows to get to know us better and understand what each of us brings to the table.
Vijit is an experienced Innovator with 18 years’ experience under his belt, primarily developing brand strategies and new products for some of the world’s most admired organisations – HSBC, Levi Strauss, Oxfam and The Food Doctor to name a few. He has been on the cutting-edge of emerging industries most of his career, from launching what is now Vodafone in India, to VC-backed high-technology businesses, consulting and innovation. He has an MBA, holds a Non-Exec Directorship and Advisory roles with several organisations, including a Norway-based Think Tank. After global roles with two respected agencies, he founded and heads I Wish, the innovation agency. The collaboration on client projects with the team at Thought TV fuelled the initial spark for deepdeep.
Vijit is deepdeep’s Innovator – his passion is to bring clients’ current and future customers to life, revealing their deepest motivations (needs, wants, beliefs and desires) in a way that is truly insightful, and inspiring genuine innovation.
Ollie studied film and broadcast technology at London Met where his final film was selected for the “Fantastic Film Festival”. Shortly afterward he was selected for the pan European “Four Corners” film making programme. At 25 he headed up the production team at Indigo Papa (now wavecast) and in 2012 he launched Thought TV which has been at the heart of some of the most interesting films and campaigns this decade.
Ollie’s role is producing, the input is the objective, a desire to experience something or understand something better, the output is a rich and holistic film. Ollie is very much the right side of the filmmaking brain.
Will studied music composition at Dartington College of Arts where he enjoyed successful collaborations with choreographers, physical theatre practitioners and writers alike. Shortly after moving to London, Will continued his learning into Film Making. After working on several award winning short films Will became fully immersed in filmmaking. Filmmaking offers a unique way of effectively combining Will’s love of the arts with the ability to tell inspiring stories for some of the most innovative companies in the world today.
Will is deepdeep’s director, responsible for capturing real insights in their purest form. By converting real life, real people with real emotions, into documentary films, companies can be moved and inspired to innovate.
Pete completed his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southampton and works with the NHS, charities and service providers. Before his Doctorate, Pete worked within various leading London NHS Trusts, mental health organisations, and as a highly regarded Project Manager delivering complex, multiple-stakeholder projects.
Pete is deepdeep’s Behavioural Scientist and is passionate about understanding the world around him. His knowledge of psychological allows him to delve beneath the often superficial surface and get down to the complex ‘nuts and bolts’. This theoretical awareness, coupled with his practical experience, allows him a valuable insight into the functioning of individuals, groups, organisations and systems. His research experience (published qualitative and quantitative work within peer reviewed journals), offers robust and informed methods of collecting and analysing information. As a human being, his interest in innovation permeates all contexts of his life. If things are not working well, he instinctively wants to understand why (and what can be done!).